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All kinds of music featuring the beauty and power of the human voice.

The Lotsa A Cappella radio show:

Since 1994, we've been playing all kinds of a cappella
and almost a cappella music!

Lotsa A Cappella on the radio at
88.1 KDHX,
St. Louis, Missouri USA


Click on the KDHX link above to listen to the live stream of Lotsa A Cappella on Sundays 7 - 8 AM Central Time. Or tune in any time to hear KDHX programs or archives. You can listen through the web player or iTunes.

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Marjie Kennedy features vocal music from all over the world for one hour each Sunday morning from 7 until 8 AM Central Time. Mostly unaccompanied by instruments of any kind, Lotsa A Cappella ranges from funk to jazz to rock and roll, bawdy madrigals and saintly motets, the ringing chords of traditional barbershop quartets, authentic tribal chants, Southern-style shape note singing, the twang of bluegrass, the fervor of gospel, the croon of doo-wop, and more. It may be beautiful, it may be sort of... strange.

Give Lotsa A Cappella a try. You never know what you might hear!

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It may be that when we communicate with life on another planet, it will be through music, not through language or words.

~ Madeleine L'Engle

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Iíve always been a fan of eclectic radio, such as FM radio in the past when you could hear stations play widely divergent music, ranging from Rock to Country to Jazz to Opera. I loved the days when DJs who did their own programming set the bar high.

~ Lou Reed

Make the world more livable by making it more listenable. Support KDHX!

~ Keith Dudding


You can become a member of KDHX anytime online at KDHX.org. Your contributions help KDHX going strong. More than half of our operating budget comes from listeners!

Listeners say:

Just had to tell you how much I enjoyed the Harry Potter song this morning! What a riot!† Thanks for bringing a smile to my face! Good show!

~ Lotsa A Cappella listener S.B.

There's always something a little different on Lotsa A Cappella's What's New Page. See the quote of the day or the latest a cappella happenings.

It is music and dancing that makes me at peace with the world.

~ Nelson Mandela

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Touille the Wonder Dog

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Daylight Saving Time
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Stacy of Backroads is featured on the KDHX website's "DJ Spotlight".

Listen to Lotsa A Cappella online: KDHX has a live stream 24 hours a day. Click where it says "Tune In"

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