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Thanks to everyone who supports KDHX and Lotsa A Cappella

If your name is not here, and you think it ought to be, drop me an email:
Lotsa AT kdhx DOT org

Also, if you don't want your name to appear on this web page, or I got the spelling wrong, or you are a "long-time" supporter and I forgot to say so, or you'd prefer your whole first and last name to appear, or I got the town wrong, or any other permutations of the above, please let me know.

Fall 2012 (KDHX 25th Birthday) Membership Drive: Thanks to Ann P from St. Louis for an birthday gift for KDHX. Thanks Don B for a generous pledge. Thanks Dick from Grubville for becoming a Radio Frequency Club member. Thank you to Chris from St. Louis and David from Creve Coeur for donating online at KDHX.org.

Thanks to Sunnyboy Mason for pitching, Frank and Eric for holding down Pledge Central, Beverly for coaching and Sara for all your help including a great omlette.

Fall 2008 Membership Drive: First week: Thanks to Frank, Beverly, and Paul in Pledge Central on the phones. Thank you to Mark "Sunnyboy" Mason of Howzit Bayou? (Tuesday afternoons 4-7 PM on KDHX) for being a great pitching partner. Thank you to all who woke up early to pledge on Lotsa A Cappella: Cory C of Sullivan MO, Don B of Chesterfield MO, longtime listener Jim P of Kirkwood, Dr. John Lang for his challenge pledge, Margaret A of St. Louis, Mo-Zee of St. Louis, and Suzie Two Socks of Wood River IL. And thanks to Sara Finke, KDHX studio engineer and host of Earthsongs (Sundays 4 AM), for a great omelette.

Second week update: Thanks to everyone who pledged support for Lotsa A Cappella and KDHX: Ann P from St. Louis, Dan M from Bloomsdale MO, Jackie D from Pevely (NEW MEMBER!), Joe D from St. Louis, Emily G from Kirkwood MO, and Stacy B of Backroads (Saturdays 10 AM to noon on KDHX). Thanks to Rich Barta of Chicken Shack Alley (Sundays 6 - 7:30 PM on KDHX) for great pitching assistance. Thank you to the phone volunteers, Frank H, Jack H, and Beverly H (three different last names), and thanks Sara Finke, KDHX studio engineer and host of Earthsongs (Sundays 4 AM on KDHX), for a great omelette.

Thanks for all the support during the Spring 2008 Membership Drive:

    • your name could be here
    • your name should be here

Thanks for all the support during the Fall 2007 Membership Drive:

    • your name could be here
    • your name should be here

"You may not like everything you hear on KDHX, but that's OK. We are not trying to appeal to the bland masses. We like our quirky and unusual and varied genre-bending things that the various programmers play on our KDHX radio shows."

~ Mark "Sunnyboy Mason" of Howzit Bayou?

Thanks to all who supported KDHX during the Spring 2007 Membership Drive:

    • Blase from St. Louis
    • Danny from South St. Louis
    • Dave from Kirkwood
    • David & Frances from De Soto, MO
    • Frances from Ellis Grove, IL
    • Ida from North St. Louis County
    • Jack & June from St. Louis
    • Jim from St. Louis
    • Kurt from Potosi, MO
    • Michael from Florissant, MO
    • Nancy from St. Louis
    • Pat from Steelville, MO
    • Suzanne from University City
    • and four anonymous pledgers
    • Ann from St. Louis
    • Barbara from St. Louis
    • Betsy from the Riverblenders Chorus
    • Bob from University City (a longtime member)
    • Dave from St. Louis
    • Dexter from Manchester
    • Dolores and Anneliese from Florissant, MO
    • Edward from Creve Coeur
    • Isaac from Ferguson, MO
    • John & Rita, longtime members from St. Louis
    • John from Florissant, MO
    • Judy from Kirkwood
    • Kevin from St. Louis
    • Laureen from St. Louis
    • Mary Jo from Webster Groves, MO
    • Paul from Ballwin, MO
    • Rebecca from University City, MO
    • Ron from Richmond Heights, MO
    • Ronda from South St. Louis
    • Stacy from St. Louis
    • Theresa from St. Louis
    • Tom from St. Louis

We made and surpassed our goal both weeks! Thanks so much to everyone!

Thanks to the KDHX staff and volunteers! A big thanks to the phone crews: Colleen, Frank, Imogene, Jim, Laura, Paul, and Sandra, phone supervisors Karen and Jeff, and to my friends Sunnyboy and Stacy who did a great job of pitching!

KDHX Radio Station, St. Louis, Missouri
USA MBK's 88.1 FM - KDHX photoset

"Make the world more liveable by making it more listenable. Support KDHX!"

~ Keith Dudding of Down Yonder

KDHX Radio Station, St. Louis, Missouri
USA MBK's 88.1 FM - KDHX photoset

Thanks to supporters from the Fall 2006 Membership Drive:

    • Dan from Ballwin
    • Diane and Mike from Arnold
    • Hal from Creve Coeur
    • Karen from St. Louis
    • Laura and her dog Indigo (Riverblenders chorus)
    • Linda from St. Charles
    • Lynda from Barnhart
    • Nancy from St. Louis
    • Olivia from Union
    • Pat from St. Louis
    • Presley from Imperial
    • Sue from Bonne Terre
    • Valerie from Troy
    • Ann from St. Louis (my sister, longtime supporter)
    • Anna from St. Louis
    • Barbara from St. Louis
    • Bruce from Beaufort, MO
    • Dan from Bloomsdale MO (my cousin)
    • David from St. Louis
    • Doris from Fenton
    • Edwin from Cottage Hills
    • Emily from Kirkwood
    • Fred "Sparechange" Davis, my former cohost on Lotsa A Cappella
    • Guy from St. Louis
    • Jim from Ferguson, MO
    • Judy from Chesterfield, MO
    • Johanna from Clayton, MO
    • John from St. Louis
    • Kathleen (somehow I missed the city)
    • Ken from Berkeley
    • Mary from Wildwood, MO
    • Paul from Belleville, IL
    • Peter from Chesterfield
    • Stacy of Backroads on KDHX
    • Steve from Troy
    • Susie 2 Socks from Wood River, IL
    • Tom from St. Louis
    Mark "Sunnyboy" Mason of Howzit Bayou? pitched with me both weeks, Jeff Corbin of The Back Country was pledge supervisor both weeks, phone volunteers Colleen, Frank (both weeks), Jim, Marlene (both weeks), Kathy, and Marty, and the entire KDHX staff, especially Bev who makes a great omelette.

You have a great show, and I have an alarm set on Sundays to remind me to get the radio fired up. Thanks for helping make St. Louis a great place to live.

~ Lotsa A Cappella listener B.S.

old KDHX photos


Lotsa AT kdhx DOT org